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"My vision for Veiled Ambitions is to create a safe space for women to explore the joy of belly dance and connect with its spiritual roots.  I want my studio to be a sanctuary where women can use this art form to express themselves and connect with their emotions through the beautiful movements of belly dance."
Pamela Sant Allen
                                                                                         Founder, Veiled Ambitions Belly Dance Academy


Veiled Ambitions specializes in belly dance instruction.  We’re an intimate and inviting studio located in East Rochester, NY.  We pride ourselves on our ability to offer small class sizes to ensure the highest quality of instruction.  We are a student-centered studio where the focus is on good form and the refinement of technique.

Veiled Ambitions currently offers beginner through advanced belly dance, technique intensives, and belly dance conditioning classes.  We are also the only studio in the Greater Rochester Area with an established Keti Sharif A-Z based program taught by Pamela Sant Allen, a Certified Keti Sharif A-Z Original & Advanced Teacher.  In addition to our regular classes, Veiled Ambitions also offers specialized workshops on a variety of topics including finger cymbals, drumming, Middle Eastern rhythms, and stage presentation.  Please check our  calendar for dates and times.

Did you know...

Belly dance is a healthy, low impact, and fun way to add more activity to your life? 
And that your next class session could be FREE because it is such a healthy choice? 

Yes, FREE! 

Many HMOs reward their members for making healthier living choices.  This can include fitness class reimbursement.  Check with your HMO for eligibility and requirements. 

Veiled Ambitions will gladly provide students with a payment receipt upon request.

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234 West Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY

(585) 478-7441

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